Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Invasion Of The Belly Touchers

Come on ladies, you know who they are. Or perhaps, you may even be one yourself. They come out of nowhere, usually not even making eye contact, as they make their move.....The Belly Touchers! This being my sixth pregnancy, I kind of have a lot of experience with them. Heck, I might even go so far as to say I'm an expert! Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE pregnant bellies! Pregnant women do have that glow about them and pregnant bellies make me smile. After all, there is a little life being incubated in there and I just think that is amazing! However, I would never invade anyone's personal space by reaching out to rub their pregnant belly! Sadly, not everyone can muster up the same restraint! I get that people are excited about the impending birth of a new life, but really, HANDS OFF!

This has been on my mind a lot this pregnancy, because it has been happening more frequently. Almost daily! A relative of my husband works within our school district. Everyday, when I am picking the kids up at school, I cautiously walk around the front of the building scoping out the situation. Who can I hide behind, don't move too quickly, Madelyn don't make a sound! We need to tiptoe into the building. But, inevitably, it happens! She runs, I mean it when I say, she runs to me, never looking up. Just straight for the kill, both hands stretched out as she rubs and shakes my belly. Bent over the entire time yelling, "Stella, how are you?" (as if to get some response from my sweet baby girl who is probably terribly frightened to come out!!!) Now mind you, there are probably about 30+ other parents there at the same time. It is so embarrassing! One day, I was sitting outside on a bench and she actually laid her head down on my lap to talk to the baby! AGHHHH! It's so ridiculous, at this point, even though I am embarrassed, I can't help but to laugh!

I was talking to my Mom about this a few days ago, because it was just about driving me crazy. We got a few chuckles about how strange it was for her to behave this way. I decided, it's almost over, I will just have to live with it for a little bit longer until our sweet baby girl makes her appearance. I guess I can do that. We then went into the grocery store where out of nowhere, the customer service girl walked up to me and grabbed my belly! Ugh!!! So, consider this a public service announcement,

Touch my Belly... Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-My Girl is a Genius!

I left the kitchen for just a few minutes during dinner and I returned to find this. Madelyn had put the corn holders on her chicken leg.....because it was "too hot". That kid cracks me up!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Up?

Yes, I am back to posting sporadically again. Sorry about that, things have been busy. Last week, Mike had the week off, so he was working hard to get some things done around the house, a little painting at my Pap's house, and a small landscaping job. It was nice to have him around more even though we were very busy! 

Last week, Felicia had her music program at school. It was nice that for once, both Mike and I were able to attend together. The kids did a fantastic job! 
After a little while, every time she looked up at Mike, he was taking her picture. She just started rolling her eyes at him!

Saturday, we spent the day with family honoring my Grammy's wishes to have her ashes returned to her childhood home. It's a beautiful piece of land where we have family reunions every year. I was so nervous that the weather was not going to cooperate, but the day before when I was visiting my midwife, she told me that I should not feel bad if it rained. She said that rain on days like that is just the angel's tears. That made me feel better, when I awoke to a very rainy morning. The rain did not last all day though, it turned out to be a beautiful day even though it was very windy and got a bit chilly. It was great to be surrounded by my family again and I hope to see them all again soon!

Mother's Day turned out being a day of rest for me! The week's events finally caught up with me and I was dealing with exhaustion and severe back pain. I spent most of the day in bed. :0(

Oh, by the way, the visit with my midwife went well. Although she gave me the okay to go ahead and have the baby anytime now, I was not dilated one bit. Hopefully, it will be soon! We can't wait to share baby Stella with everyone! 

That's about it for now. This week is sure to be another busy one. The Relay For Life is coming up on Friday and I am a team captain. I am very excited, because this is my very first time being involved with the Relay! I have joked that it may be the day that Stella will arrive, but I have been told that is just not allowed or they will be selling tickets to the birth to earn more money for our team! LOL! I think I'll wait! 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recycled Greenhouse

Lately, the girls have been really interested in growing things from seeds and gardening in general. I love that! Digging in the dirt and watching things grow is one of my favorite things to do with them. This week we planted some more flower seeds using a recycled container from the grocery store bakery. It created the perfect little "greenhouse" and the seeds started to sprout very quickly! Soon, we will have more beautiful blooms to add to our flower garden. Simple things like this get the girls very excited and make them so proud!

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