Friday, December 31, 2010

The "Life" in Our Year-December

I have had fun looking back over this past year and remembering all the good times we had. We were blessed with a beautiful new baby and all the "firsts" that come along with a newborn. I never get tired of it and I totally understand why the Duggars have so many children! lol! I know things get crazy around here at times, but I wouldn't change my life for anything. 

December, by far, is the best month for having lots of kids. Seeing Christmas through a little ones eyes is so magical.
Here is how we spent the month of December.
Now that I have looked back at our year, it was easy for me to choose my New Year's resolution. Get more pictures of my boys!!! Teens are so difficult! They never want their picture taken, but I will do it more often! Even if I have to tie them to a chair to do it!!  

Happy New Year!!!!

The "Life" in Our Year-September, October, November

Fall. My favorite time of year.

Michael, Aaron, and Madelyn started off their school year with PA Cyber in September. It's been fun and interesting having them all here for school. But, they are all doing well!

We spent some time enjoying how beautiful Pennsylvania can be in the fall.

Had some Halloween fun.
And enjoyed our first snow on Thanksgiving.

One more month to go...

The "Life" in Our Year-June, July, and August

Ahh, the summer months. We spent much of our summer at home. With a new baby and Mike working his regular job plus a landscaping job too, we really did not have much time to go away. But we did have some fun close to home.

 At Knoebels.
Aaron was trying to quickly get out of the shot.
We also spent some time at R.B. Winter State Park.

And we just spent some time enjoying the newest Adams.
Brandon and Stella
Mady and Stella
We made it through summer with only one little boo-boo. Michael hit Madelyn in the head with the door and she had to have her head glued back together. 
So, I think we did pretty good! Having 6 kids and only 1 trip to the E.R. that's amazing! Although, we did have that close call when I fell down the steps with the baby. It was my scariest moment as a parent. Thankfully we were not hurt.

Then when August finally rolled around, the kids started heading back to school.
Felicia on her first day of 1st grade.

More to come...

The "Life" in Our Year-April and May

In April, I did a whole lot of this...

and not much more. I was at the point in my pregnancy where I began counting down every second. I was tired.

Then May arrived, and I was so glad I relaxed a lot in April because we were very busy!

Felicia had her first music program at school.

It was very sweet. I remember her looking up and finding us in the crowd. She smiled and shyly waved. Then she started getting really embarrassed when she saw her Daddy taking pictures. But, she did a fantastic job! We were so proud of her!

Also in May, I participated in my very first Relay For Life...
Survivor lap. In front: My Uncle Rod and Aunt Pam Behind them to the left: My Mom
It was awesome and I can't wait to participate again this year! If you are interested in donating I would greatly appreciate it!

That same weekend, Michael went to his first prom!
How gorgeous are they?

And then, finally....

...a star was born on May 30, 2010! Stella Lynn Adams. Totally worth the wait, and swollen ankles, and indigestion, and back ache, and....

She was the perfect ending to our month.

More of our year is coming soon...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 Months

Laughing because she realized she has shoes on!
Stella is really growing up fast! I really wish time would just slow down. I know I say this every month, but really it's true! She's the happiest baby around! She loves attention and as soon as she realizes you are watching, she'll flash that great big grin. She is also way more mobile now. She gets everywhere she wants by rolling and scooting on her back, but I suspect it won't be long before she realizes that crawling is the way to go! Her first Christmas was so much fun! She loved ripping paper apart. Even after the gifts were opened, she just kept playing with the paper. I guess if I would have realized how much she liked it, I could have saved us some money! I can't wait to see what she learns next!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-New Toy

The "Life" in Our Year-March 2010

Just about the time that I was about to lose my mind, spring finally arrived in March. The winter was long and torturous and the warmer temps were very refreshing.
 We spent every moment that we could outside.
Even Lucy (the dog) was happy to be outside. Do you see her smiling?  ;0)
March was also the month that I went on a very "pink" shopping spree for our baby girl. I remember coming home and opening everything and Aaron said, "Don't you think it's a bit too much pink?" Nah, a girl can never have too much pink!

More of our year is still to come....

Monday, December 27, 2010

The "Life" in Our Year-February 2010

In February, 

it snowed.

A lot.
It's a good thing we like snow around here. Well most of us. Big Daddy is NOT a fan.
My most memorable moment from the month was taking the kids sledding at my Pappy's house. It brought back some fond memories of my childhood and made my Pappy smile. All. Day. Long. The kids had so much fun speeding down the hill and taking turns pulling each other back up the hill. And, I may or may not have taken a ride down the hill myself. {Even though I was pregnant} But, let's just keep that one between us. Big Daddy would have a fit! {hehehe}

By the end of the month, I had a new best friend.

The rest of our year, to be continued....

Christmas Wrap Up

The presents are all unwrapped and the paper wrappings have been cleaned up. 
Now, the only thing left to do is enjoy the rest of our Christmas break.
I plan to do a whole lot of.....nothing. 

Christmas day, for the most part, was fabulous! We opened gifts early and then had some breakfast with my parents. The kids were all very happy with their gifts and spent the entire day just playing.The boys got a PS3, so they have been non stop competing with each other. Felicia and Madelyn each got a DS and a camera. They are thrilled! Madelyn brought her camera to me today to load her pics on the computer. She had 371 pics already! She's like the jr. paparazzi! Felicia just loves making videos! Today, she busted in the bathroom to make a video of me taking a bath! After which, I confiscated her camera! lol!

The "not so good" part, hubby was sick. He spent a good bit if the day in bed. Yesterday, I came home from church to find him in pain and only able to open one eye. He finally broke down and went to the E.R. and it turns out he has a sinus infection. But, his meds are now working and he is starting to feel much better.
I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The "Life" in Our Year-January 2010

And in the End, it's not the Years in your Life that Count, it's the Life in your Years.
-Abraham Lincoln

The end of the year is fast approaching, so I thought it would be fun to share some of our memorable moments of 2010. I really can't believe that this year is almost over. Talk about time flying!

January did not start off so good for us. There was no celebrating the New Year, because we were very sick with some horrible stomach thing. Yuck! But, after we recovered, we welcomed 2010 just a little late. We were looking forward to great things happening as we were expecting our 6th bundle of joy. January was the month that it was confirmed we were having another girl. We were finally going to have our Brady Adams Bunch!

January was also the month that Madelyn made her first ever Ebay purchase.
Lesson learned. Well, actually not fully learned until she made her second and much more expensive Ebay purchase. Thankfully, the seller had a sense of humor and let me off the hook. I really don't have much use for a designer gown in a size 6. 

What I remember most about January is that it was so cold. We spent a lot of time inside and it seemed like everyone was going stir crazy! Unfortunately, we still had a lot more winter ahead of us!

The rest of our year, to be continued.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She's Just Not A Morning Person

 Mornings are rough around here! Thankfully, Christmas break is coming upon us quickly. Are you ready for it?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make A Joyful Noise

Today was the day we have been anxiously awaiting. The debut of the children's choir at church! After weeks of practice, the girls were both ready, yet a bit nervous. I really wasn't sure if they were actually going to go through with it. Last week, Madelyn was sick and Felicia went to practice alone. That's when they practiced in the sanctuary and Felicia realized that she would be singing in front of the whole church. That night, she said, "There is no way I'm going up there!" Madelyn on the other hand, was not backing down. She was going to sing! We talked about it all week and practiced a lot. They were ready! I am so glad that Felicia decided to do it. They ALL did a fantastic job! I am so proud of them!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Major Construction Going on Here!

For a few weeks now, the girls have been begging to make a Gingerbread House. I thought it would be a fun activity to do, so we decided to get a kit at Wal-Mart. That way, all we would have to do was assemble it and decorate. So, off to Wal-Mart we went, which by the way, made me remember why I did most of my Christmas shopping online! That place was like a zoo! 

We actually found a kit that contained several different houses, to create a village. That way, the girls would have their own house and if any of the boys wanted to do one, they could. They didn't want to, btw! {lol} It was a good thing that we did buy the village, because a few of our pieces were broken. : ( Thankfully, we had enough to make 2 complete houses.

Madelyn's House

Felicia's House
 It was very......sticky and lots of fun too! They were both very proud of their creations! The only problem, I think they may have had a week's worth of sugar from all the frosting licking and I am pretty sure they will be bouncing off the walls for the next few hours!

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