Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Boulevard

Every year, we load the kids up in the car and drive to the place the kids call the North Pole. Well, nowadays, only the girls go, boys think it's lame. lol! Teenagers, what are ya gonna do? Oh well, we won't let them ruin our fun, so off we went with two excited girls...
and one not-so-excited girl.
They had a good time and even got to see Santa! To which Felicia declared, "He's a fake!"  Of course, that gave me a chuckle and I then missed the photo op. :0(

 But, I did snap a few of their favorites...

That was our trip down Christmas Boulevard!


  1. Very fun! We have something similar planned on Monday at the local Botanical Gardens. I am loading up the car with cookies and hot cocoa for the ride!

  2. That looks like a fun place! The girls (well, most of them!) looked like they loved it!

  3. Looks fun. Best to leave the boys at home rather than deal with the snarky comments the whole time. Glad the girls had a good time!! :)

  4. I miss those!!! What fun pictures you took too! I'll have to brave the cold this weekend and take a trip downtown for some holiday light shots....

  5. My girls would love that too! We have a few cities around here that just do lights, but it is still pretty.


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