Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis The Season....

....for sniffles and such. And this little girl, is not feeling so good today.
So, this momma is not putting her down.(because I can't)


  1. Poor bubba:( But, so sweet the picture of you holding her. I do the same thing:)

    Love the new header and the font you are using.

  2. I always feel so bad for sick little ones, but they are usually so much more cuddly...I'd be holding her too!

  3. Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon...

  4. Aw, those times when the babies are little really goes by SO fast. When they are sick you get nothing done because you are holding them all the time--but it really is NICE snuggle time that you'd give a lot to go back and have again. I hope she feels better soon. Simply cherish her!


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