Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make A Joyful Noise

Today was the day we have been anxiously awaiting. The debut of the children's choir at church! After weeks of practice, the girls were both ready, yet a bit nervous. I really wasn't sure if they were actually going to go through with it. Last week, Madelyn was sick and Felicia went to practice alone. That's when they practiced in the sanctuary and Felicia realized that she would be singing in front of the whole church. That night, she said, "There is no way I'm going up there!" Madelyn on the other hand, was not backing down. She was going to sing! We talked about it all week and practiced a lot. They were ready! I am so glad that Felicia decided to do it. They ALL did a fantastic job! I am so proud of them!


  1. Aww how sweet! I love it when the kids sing. It always makes me tear up. Something so grand and innocent about it. I'm sure they all did GREAT!!

    Pop over and check out pics of my little cookie who turned 3!
    Best! ;-)

  2. AH!!!! They all look so sweet and adorable! Congratulations to your girls!

    And I hope everyone is getting healthier by the minute! Hugs!!!


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