Friday, December 31, 2010

The "Life" in Our Year-June, July, and August

Ahh, the summer months. We spent much of our summer at home. With a new baby and Mike working his regular job plus a landscaping job too, we really did not have much time to go away. But we did have some fun close to home.

 At Knoebels.
Aaron was trying to quickly get out of the shot.
We also spent some time at R.B. Winter State Park.

And we just spent some time enjoying the newest Adams.
Brandon and Stella
Mady and Stella
We made it through summer with only one little boo-boo. Michael hit Madelyn in the head with the door and she had to have her head glued back together. 
So, I think we did pretty good! Having 6 kids and only 1 trip to the E.R. that's amazing! Although, we did have that close call when I fell down the steps with the baby. It was my scariest moment as a parent. Thankfully we were not hurt.

Then when August finally rolled around, the kids started heading back to school.
Felicia on her first day of 1st grade.

More to come...

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