Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm here! I know I have been absent a lot recently and I thank all of you who have stuck around. Our summer has started off being very busy! I hope that I have the new schedule down so that I can post regularly again. Whew! I am starting back slowly with an addition to our alphabet book. Mm-moon! Very simple! I'll be posting a few more letters this week so that we can soon wrap up this book:0)


  1. Cute! How are you putting all the letters together as a book - are you laminating them? Putting them in sheet protectors?

  2. I know what ya mean. For a while I just couldn't get organized. I am getting back on track:)

    Is that a lovey next to Mady?

  3. I need some 'Just For Fun' inspiration now that the kids are off of school!

  4. She is so cute, I've missed your letter craftiness!


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