Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Am Happy!

Remember when I said I was going to ease myself back into blogging this week? Well, I didn't exactly do that. I have been so busy just being a Mom that blogging was not really fitting in. But, I am back today to participate in Mamarazzi's Happy List! I have so much to be happy for, so I thought I would share a few things with you! You can play along too! Just write a post about what you are happy for this week and link it up to the linky on Mamarazzi's site!

The first thing on my happy list is being able to stay home with my kids and enjoy summer! It's  awesome having a new baby and knowing that I don't have to squeeze in all my snuggling time before I have to return to work! The stress of having to do that with all of my others kids was overwhelming, even if I did take them to the same daycare that I worked at. But, now that I am a SAHM, I can enjoy ALL of my kids ALL the time!

And...speaking of my kids, I am also happy about how much they love their new baby sister! Here are just a few pics of Brandon, Felicia, and Mady with Baby Stella! (Michael and Aaron are still afraid to touch her, LOL!)

Something else that made me happy this week was, opening the mail and finding this lovely card made by my friend Vickie to welcome Stella! How adorable is that?! Thank you Vickie!
This past Sunday, June 13, Mike and I celebrated our 18 wedding anniversary! Through good times and bad, I am still beyond HAPPY to have him as my hubby! :0)

The weather this week has also made me super happy! Today we are taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather to go to Knoebel's Amusement Park! The kids are so excited about going again and that makes me really HAPPY!

So, what are you happy for this week?


  1. your baby is so are your big babies.

    Happy Anniversary...and GREAT Happy List!

    thanks for linking up and for inviting your readers to do the same. it's a great way to END or START a week...making a Happy List!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I think she just made my happy list too! :)
    Yay for siblings that love to help out too, right?
    Happy anniversary! 18 years, wow! I'm about 8 behind you...

  3. How beautiful!!! :) Happy Anniversary too!

    By the way... HUGE Knoebels fan here! Trying to find time to go this summer! :)

  4. Awe!! I love that picture with Brandon and Stella!

    You're welcome. You are quite the photographer. I love how you placed the card with the knick knack and the perfect!


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