Monday, September 27, 2010

Butterflies. Oh My!

 This week is the 156th Annual Bloomsburg Fair. The fair is certainly a fun place to be, but if you look past the games, delicious treats, and spectacular rides, you can find a lot of educational exhibits as well. And guess what, these exhibits are just as much fun as all that other stuff! We spent Sunday afternoon at the fair and I must say, one of our favorite moments was visiting the Butterfly exhibit. The exhibit was full of fluttering butterflies and the girls were able to feed them. They had butterflies in every stage of development, which was very interesting to see. 
 Felicia wanted to get a closer look at the butterfly she was feeding.
 Sometimes the butterflies just want to get a closer look at you!
 Little Miss Stella was really not sure what to think of this thing mommy was showing her.
So, realizing that the Butterfly Habitat was very warm and cozy....she took a nap.


  1. I love to look at butterflies but I won't go into a butterfly house. I just don't like anything landing on me, no matter how pretty it is. Glad you all had fun though!! :)

  2. I visited a butterfly museum in Colorado. It was so cool to be surrounded by butterflies. You have great photos.

  3. They actually land on you!!! So cool!


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