Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Authors’ Tea

Yesterday Felicia’s class held their Authors’ Tea. Each student read a story that they wrote and illustrated. I must say, I was very impressed! They all did such a fantastic job and if anyone had any jitters about getting up on stage, it was not noticed at all. They all read confidently!
Felicia did very well! Her story was all about Spring. She had been talking about getting on stage for a long time and was most excited to be using a microphone. We are very proud of her!


  1. This event looks like so much fun! It sounds like she did an awesome job.

  2. What a great way for kids to show off their talent and learn some self-confidence!!

  3. Our school does something like this for the kids. They share what they are doing during the card marking period.

    Felicia is getting tall!


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