Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding Our New Normal

It's a very rare thing that my workaholic hubby has any time off work. He's a 7 day a week worker and working third shift makes time spent together a treat for us. Well, I can't even believe it, but hubby has the next six weeks off work! {squee} My guess is that by the end of this week, he'll be going out of his mind with all of the "togetherness" and that will be the perfect time for me to pull out my mile long to-do list that I have been composing for months!

Of course with Mike home, things are crazy! I'm a schedule follower but Mike is a bit more spontaneous. If he wakes up and thinks it's a good day to go to the lake, that's what we do. You know what, I'm just going to go with it, live more in the moment and have some fun! Who knows where this summer will take us and what kind of things we will do, but I do know this, we will be doing it together and enjoying every minute of it!


  1. Have a WONDERFUL time! What a fun treat to have your husband off for 6 weeks!

  2. How fantastic, and how nice that it happened in the summer! Enjoy yourselves!

  3. My husband {and his family} are helping me learn how to "play it by ear"
    ...ha, not easy for me because I am a schedule-girl too!


  4. OH Sandy you lucky lady. Have fun and enjoy the spontaneity.


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