Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Things

I really have been wanting to update here more often, but the last few weeks have been CRAZY! So, I decided to do a "random things" post to catch up. Here goes:
    • Daily radiation and Herceptin treatments(every 3 weeks) are going well. I'm feeling stronger everyday!
    • Our trusty old mini van died.  :(

    •  We got new wheels!  :)  This was a big relief for me. Constantly running back and forth for doctors appointments and such requires a reliable car. Thankfully we were able to get one and the fact that it is bright orange makes it easy to spot in large parking lots. lol!

    •  Stella started potty training! We were out shopping one day while waiting for Aaron to complete his PSSA test for school (because he is in Cyber school, we have to travel to a testing area), I took Stella to the ladies room to change her and she was dry after the very long ride. I put her on the potty and she went! She continued to pee and poop on the potty for the rest of the day! We are working on underwear at home, but because she is so tiny, I am having a hard time finding underpants that fit her. The smallest I have found are a size 2. She still only wears 12-18 months clothes! 
    • The stomach bug struck our house...again.  :( Madelyn had to miss her first field trip and was devastated.
    • We are currently getting a new roof which has made nap time nonexistent. Too noisy! 
    • The kids now have less than a month of school so we have lots of field trips and end of school stuff coming up. Looking forward to summer!
    • May 18-19 I will be participating in the Relay for Life as I have for the past few years. This year will be my first year as a cancer survivor! If you would like to donate, go here. Every little bit helps! Thanks!


    1. Congratulations on the new car!
      I'm also glad to hear that you are feeling stronger!

    2. Sandy,
      Thinking about you today, so I thought I'd stop by your blog. I just read that your son is in cyberschool. My girls are as well. I had to take my daughter last week for her PSSA, too. I wonder if they go to the same cyberschool. (email me when you get a chance- just curious)


    3. Just in case you don't have my


    4. Wow, so much going on over there! SO HAPPY to hear that treatments are going well. Just keep swimming!!! The end of the school year is always crazy busy, and the old the kids get, the busier they are. YAY for Stella!!!! Bella was awful about potty training. I thought she was going to wear diapers for-ev-er!! Enjoy your new minivan!!!

    5. I hope your first Relay for Life as a SURVIVOR goes well!

      Stopping by from SITS Spring Fling.

    6. Feeling stronger is the best news ~ well, okay, your little one being potty trained comes in a close second. Hope life continues on the upside!


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