Saturday, August 4, 2012

Her Kickball Days are Over

She's never been very graceful, so when Felicia twisted her ankle racing Madelyn to the door last week, we weren't surprised. She hobbled around for a couple of days, but soon she was walking and running like her old self. That is until, a game of kickball took her down again. This time, a trip to the ER was in order.

It was the first time she had ever been to the ER, or to the doctor for any other reason but a well visit, for that matter. A little nervous going in, however, the butterflies went away quickly when they wheeled her into x-ray and she recognized the song playing. It was Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy train. A familiar tune played by big brother Brandon. all. the. time. It put a smile on her face.
After a while the doctor came back and gave her the bad news, a broken bone in her foot. She's in a splint for now and trying to master crutches. A follow-up appointment for ortho in a week and we'll know more. Oh and by the way, don't let that last picture fool you, she wasn't all that upset, just a good actress!


  1. She'll be back on both her feet before she knows it! :-)

  2. Oh shoot! Hopefully she doesn't have to have a cast too long. But luckily kids seem to heal quickly

  3. Oh man, just from kickball? That girl must play hard ... but hopefully she'll be back in the game soon.


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