Friday, October 5, 2012

Frank and Jack

Paper plates are one of my favorite materials to use when making crafts with toddlers. They make a sturdy surface to paint and glue on and we always have some hanging around. 

For "Frank", Stella painted the plate green and I cut the top to make his flat head. I then put some glue on for Stella to add the eyes and other parts that I cut from construction paper. Easy peasy!
"Jack" was made the same way only this time, I let Stella use a glue stick to attach the face. I don't often let her use a glue stick because sometimes, she likes to use it as lipstick. But, this time she DIDN'T glue her lips together.



  1. I love paper plate art. Both are very cute! Might just try both with my daughter.

  2. Little man was just running around with a Frankenstein mask on this week. We'll have to make your craft for sure-thanks for sharing. Pinned it! :)

    Hope you are in good spirits and that your family is doing well. Thinking of you during this month of awareness!

    1. p.s. Love how you decorated your site for Halloween.

    2. Thanks, Jen! I've been feeling fantastic!


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