Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giving it Another Shot

I've been MIA for way too long! Life has gotten the best of me and I stopped doing some of the things that I love, including blogging, simply because I have been too busy to do things for myself. That is about to change! I'm ready to give this blog another shot. After all, I started blogging as a way to document our lives and all the twists and turns that we encounter and we are still living so this blog will continue!

What's up with us? Here it is:
  • I'm still providing childcare at home 5 days a week. I'm not going to lie, some days I just don't want to do it anymore! I love the kids, but I feel like I never leave work and it's exhausting me.
  • The kids are growing up and I'm getting a little sad that I have no more babies. The boys are now 20, 18, and 17 and the girls are 9, 8, and 3. 
    Halloween 2013
  • Several weeks ago Mike found out the company he works for will be shutting down at the end of February. He's been there forever! On a positive note, he is a hard worker who never calls off and is a very dedicated employee. We are confident that another company will see just that and snatch him up quickly! Until then, we would appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers that you could send our way.  :)
  • I will soon be adding "Assistant Brownie Troop Leader" to my resume. Madelyn's leader could use an assistant and I have volunteered to step up! 
    Brownies at the zoo!
    Getting crafty!

    Visiting the turkeys!

 I have so much more I want to share and I am looking forward to getting back to blogging! See you soon!



  1. A lot of us have taken breaks!! :-) Glad to see an update from you!!

  2. Mike is a good man and hopefully a good company will recognize that without you having to relocate. Sad what is happening to that part of the country though - so much opportunity in the South for hard workers.

    1. It is sad! With 6 kids and my medical history, I really don't want to relocate. It's best for us to stay close to family. However, we have heard of many job opportunities is the South and if not for those factors, Mike would move in a heartbeat!

  3. Yup, many of us taking those breaks...let's try together getting back to blogging;)

    I know how you feel about the working with kids thing. I am a lunch mom and a substitute para-pro and blah! Sometimes during the day, the kids can be bad and I come home to my kids, sometimes being bad. Ugly cycle some days.

    I can totally understand the no more babies feeling. My last is now 7 and it makes me sad that is it.

    Saw that on Facebook about Big Daddy and his job. There is still a few months to go maybe something great might happen. Crossing my fingers.


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