Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

The past several weeks we've manage to squeeze in just about as much Christmas fun as we can handle. We decorated a tree for Treefest, helped to decorate the church, went to the Parade of Lights, went to our town's Santa party for the kids, and headed back to Treefest so we could marvel at the amazing display of trees and entertainment. Throw in some shopping, work, and school and we found ourselves with very little time to deck the halls at our own home! Finally, this weekend we managed to get a tree and, although it took us two days to get it up and decorated, we finally got it done!  
The girls did almost all of the decorating and I think they did a fabulous job! It's finally starting to feel like Christmas around here. Now all we need is some more snow. Today, school was cancelled due to an approaching storm, but it turned out to be a bust. 
There wasn't even enough snow to cover the grass! I guess we'll just have to be patient and hope "the big one" comes soon!


  1. The tree is so pretty Sandy! Love the photo collage. I hear the big one might be hitting you over the weekend. We are also going to get some snow from the same storm but just about three inches.

    1. We have our fingers and toes crossed that we get a big snow on Saturday!


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