Sunday, September 18, 2016

{Catching Up} Back to School

Madelyn(5th), Stella(1st), Felicia(7th)

Summer break came to an end a few weeks ago and apparently, I'm still in denial over it because until now, I haven't posted first day of school pics!

So, here they are, The Adams girls starting out another year of school! It's hard to believe how much these girls have grown. I mean BABY is in first grade already! Crazy!

Being home alone when the girls are all in school and their big brothers are all at work is very quiet. Most days, I am very busy with the everyday chores of being a mom, but there are some moments that I actually have "free time". These are the moments that I have no idea what to do with myself! I suppose I should just enjoy the quiet, but it's not always that easy. I think I need to find a hobby! HA!

Of course, when the day is done and I pick them up at the bus stop, the silence is broken and the witching hour begins. I must say, I dislike homework just as much as an adult as I did when I was a kid. Booo! But, so far our school year has gotten off to a great start. Hopefully it continues!

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