Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun At The Fair

Well, off to the fair we were today. How fun is that? We don't get many opportunities to be up close and personal with livestock, So this is very exciting for the kiddos. Madelyn, of course, loves animals and would bring them all home if she could. Felicia, on the other hand stayed as far away from them as possible, thus, no pictures of her.

She was however, very excited to hear that there was a new calf born on Sunday, so I was sure to get a picture of it for her (though it sort of blends in with the hay).

After checking out the animals we did a Home Depot workshop that was set up at the fair. Felicia and Madelyn made plastic bag holders and Aaron made a bird house (sort of).
I'm not sure why, but every time the girls hammer, their tongues hang out. Very cute:)
Here are the very kind associates from Home Depot trying to get Aaron's bird house together. But, after all the hard work, we discovered that the parts were cut incorrectly so they gave him a new one to make at home. He made it as soon as we got home and it turned out great
Our next activity was panning for gems. This is something that the kids love to do because they love collecting "pretty rocks".
We saw so many other neat things and had a fabulous time. I definitely can't wait for next year:)

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