Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hanging Out With Alvie

I really do think the girls would love a little brother (Alvie's size of course). They could not be happier this week. Madelyn's first task every morning is to check on her little buddy and make sure he makes it down stairs with all of his gear(sippy cup, night-night, and backpack). They eat breakfast and chat for a while until our late sleeper, Felicia, is up and about. Then they play, play, play the day away until they can't play anymore. They then get baths, brush teeth, and tuck Alvie in before going to bed themselves. The only problem is that just when everyone is getting settled, Madelyn has to go back in Alvie's room to check on him "one more time". She is going to be such a good Mama(many, many, many, years from now).

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