Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Disaster Relief and My Community

Watching the news and seeing the devastation in Haiti is just heart breaking for me. So sad to see all the destruction and at the same time I am surprised at the strength and unshaken faith of the people of Haiti. It truly is amazing to me! At the top left hand side of my blog, I have added a widget for those of you who would like to donate to the Haiti Disaster Relief Effort. Just click on the button and do what you can! Every little bit helps!

You may also notice that I have added another widget on the right side of my blog. It's my community page from the blog frog. I would be thrilled to have you join me so that we can get some discussions started! I love to hear from you all! Thanks!


  1. Thanks, Sandy -- I added the widget to my blog, too!

  2. Very nice idea to add a donation widget. I have a friend flying over there to volunteer as a translator...

  3. Great idea! Stopping by from SITS!

  4. has also opened an Etsy shop where 100% of the proceeds will benefit Doctors without Borders in their struggle to provide medical care to those suffering in Haiti.

    The Etsy shop,, features handmade items donated by crafters like myself. Please take a look at the shop, if there is something that catches you are, remind yourself it is for a good cause and make that purchase!

    Stopping by from SITS


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