Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Winter Blahs and Other Random Stuff!

I spent a lot of time this week praying for spring to arrive! The beginning of the week started off rainy, but warm. Then another cold snap hit and here we are, stuck inside with nothing to do. The kids are bored and so am I! Fights are breaking out right and left as everyone gets on each others nerves. *Sigh*

Tomorrow the kids are going to be in a Wii Bowling Tournament to benefit our Cooking With Kids Relay For Life Team! It should be fun and will hopefully earn a lot of money for a good cause.(and get us out of the house for a while!)

Being trapped in the house has made me want to cook like crazy! I am afraid we will not be able to move when spring finally does arrive!

Felicia got her report card this week and her grades were excellent! She loves school! Michael and Brandon on the other hand, do not like school and I am bracing myself for their report cards. I'm not too worried about Aaron, because I get a report every couple of weeks from his school and he is doing very well! Like me, he loves math and science!

Madelyn has been spending a lot of time taking care of "her babies". She is getting a lot of practice for when Stella arrives! Although, as she says, "I'm not a changer, I'm a feeder!"  That is until I told her that babies sometimes spit up, now she says, "then I'm a feet washer". I guess she is going to play it safe and stay away from all the gross parts! Ha!

All the colds and other yucky sickness have finally left the Adams' house and I hope they stay away.

Well, that's about all I have for now! How are you staying sane this winter?


  1. I know, i cant wait until Spring! We try to stay sane by going out every few days- whether its just out to eat somewhere cheap, going to the museum, a play date, wherever we feel like going!

  2. Stay away yucky colds!

    Report card time was always rough in my house while I was growing up. My brother just could not pull off the grades. Now he delivers for UPS, go figure. My mom was just telling me about a Family Cirucs cartoon in the paper yesterday. The boy hands his mom his report card and tells her, "I am going to go to my room and practice being grounded".

    Spring will be here soon...hang in there!

  3. We got hit with ice, again. But, nothing about this makes me want to COOK! (you crazy cooky woman!) I'm praying really hard for Spring, too.

    Ah, and the Wii bowling tourney sounds like loads of fun! I love that game! :)

    Hang in there. We'll be sloppin' on sunscreen before you know it!

  4. Yeah:( We got hit with another cold snap too. Makes it miserable walking the kids to school:( I was hoping it would be so cold they would cancel school yesterday, but nope.

    That is so sweet that Mady is getting ready for Stella!

  5. Seeing how we just had 5 inches of snow dumped on us... and we hardly EVER get snow here...

    yeah... I am so ready for spring!

  6. We've been snowed in for 3 Tennessee...SOUTH Tn.....and hubby has been at work the whole time...oh yeah....on my nerves are flowing around here!!

  7. I love the "I'm a feet washer" comment - hilarious!

    We're definitely waiting for spring at our house - and for kids to get over their cold/flu bug!


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