Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Earth Day Activities and Friday Book Project

We had a great day celebrating our Earth! I was very surprised about how much the little ones actually knew about pollution, recycling, and the importance of keeping the Earth clean! They were very excited to tell me all about ways that we can reuse things from around the house to cut down on our waste and how they can do their part to keep our Earth clean! One of the things that we have always done is to help keep our parks clean. Every time we go to the park, we make sure that we pick up trash that other people leave behind. The girls really get into this and take pride in their work! It really makes me proud too! (Now if they could just pick up their toys at home;0)

We did a few activities and sang some songs about the Earth!

These are the coffee filter Earth's that we made to remind us about our beautiful planet! They were  super easy to make!

 1. We painted the coffee filter with blue watercolors. We made our own using 2 tablespoons of water and 7-10 drops of food coloring!

2. We painted the land with green watercolor.

3. Allow them to dry!

I try to make a lot of our projects using recycled materials, so the kids are very familiar with reusing things like toilet/paper towel tubes, bottles, cans, and even cereal boxes. One way to reuse a cereal box is to make a puzzle out of it. So that is what we did!

For snack, we had another Earth inspired activity. We made Earth sugar cookies! I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough tinting some of it blue and some green.
We then grabbed a spoon full of blue dough and smooshed on a little of the green dough. Then we just rolled it into balls.
They turned out being a very tasty treat!

Now for our Friday Book Project! We read the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle!

Just like the story, this project started last Autumn. The girls gathered Marigold seeds with their Nana from the Marigolds that she had planted in her flower garden. We saved the seeds and planted them in an old egg carton. As they grow bigger, we will move them outdoors to our flower garden! The kids get very excited seeing things grow from seeds!


  1. What wonderful activities to celebrate earth day! It is important to teach our children while they are young the importance of caring for our Earth. I wish we were taught that when we were little.

  2. wow okay you did some great activties

  3. Great activities! It looks like they were a lot of fun!!

  4. Fun stuff Sandy! Those cookies look so cool. Little Earth cookies:)


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