Friday, July 16, 2010

Quiet Moments

Quiet moments.
 With six kids, quiet moments don't happen very often at our house.

               I am experiencing just that. 
Three of my six kids are spending the night with their Nana and Poppy. Aaron had asked if he could spend the night, so of course Felicia just had to go along and before long, Madelyn got wind of their plan and she was packing her bags too. I must say, although I am  hardly ever without my kids, it is nice. Truthfully, a few weeks ago I came to the realization that I have only been without all of my children one time in the last four years, and that was two years ago! Mike and I had gone on a date for a few hours. So, I guess I am due for a break. 

Yes, I do miss them. 
                           But as I sit here eating a ginormous bowl of ice cream without anyone begging for some,
 and no one "breathing" on or touching,
                                              staring at,
                         or just plain annoying anyone else, I think to myself....... 
I could get used to this!


  1. I adore my children,but was thinking the same thing just this morning. I sat outside at 5:30 am just for some peace and quiet- just me and the birds!

  2. Oh I want to eat that ginormous bowl of ice cream too!!!! Btw, thanks for dropping by earlier! :)

    ( I'm a full-time mummy )

  3. I'm going through a transition with my kids right now, where the littlest still naps and the 3.5 year old actually wants to be by herself to play ALONE! It's weird...some days I don't even know what to do with myself!

  4. ooooh I resemble that remark!! it's so nice to just have some space sometimes. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday Sharefest at SITS.

  5. you go girl! we have 4 and i know how it can be! i'm a follower now!

  6. I only have two children and one stayed the night at grandma and papa's yesterday. I will say it is quiet! So not use to it, but I can adjust.

  7. Now I really want ice cream!! Enjoy! :)


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