Friday, February 11, 2011

Bouncing Barbies and a Baby in a Basket

It really has been a struggle finding things to entertain the kids during these frigid days we have been having lately. This winter has been brutal! We've been trapped indoors for far too long.

I'm constantly finding scenes like this that make me shake my head and say, "huh?"
 Apparently, the Barbies' needed some soothing and the bouncy seat was the perfect place for that. 

Tonight, Madelyn spent about 20 minutes pushing Stella around in her laundry basket "car". Driving Miss Daisey so to speak. Not a peep from Stella, she just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

 I, for one, am ready to venture outdoors for a change. The good news, I saw the weather report this morning and temps are starting to rise. I even saw a 50 degree day in the forecast! 

And my chant continues....We are one day closer to spring!


  1. 50 degrees?? holy crap! When I woke up this morning it was 6 degrees out. but the sun is setting later every day!! I'm seeing a light at the end of this long tunnel

  2. Oh the joys of the children entertaining themselves! Here's to warmer weather!

  3. Are we really one day closer? Or is that just propaganda to ensure all the mothers in winter climates don't overdose on Prozak...I hear ya, I'm done with the cold!
    However, having one kid push the other in a laundry basket would take the edge off!

  4. Okay I am shaking my head in total agreement! Yes and Yes! And the laundry basket is a hit over at my house too! Hee! Hee! Your post really made me smile :)

  5. This reminds me of my house and children. We are in the Midwest and can't wait for Spring!

    Found you the Sits following thread. Feel free to stop by my place!


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