Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeling Down.

Saturday we had our first snow of the season.

I love snow.

Especially the first snow.

This year, I missed it because I was too exhausted to move from the couch.

And then, last night was one of my favorite nights ever, Halloween.

The night that we suit up in our costumes and venture through the streets of our tiny town collecting candy and visiting friends.

Again, I missed it.

So today, I am feeling down.

I have tried throughout my treatment to stay positive, but sometimes it is not easy and today is one of those days. I'm angry. I don't like to be angry, but today I am. I want to get up and play with my kids, take a walk, or cook dinner. I hate feeling useless. I hate the things that this cancer is making me miss.

Cancer sucks!


  1. I'm sorry =(

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. You are right - it does suck. But so does snow and Halloween:) Okay - maybe they don't but I want you to smile. I hope better days are soon ahead.

  3. So sorry. Hope things start looking up.

  4. Sandy,

    I realize I only "know" you from your blog, but I feel terribly that you have to deal with all of this. There is a poem that I came across when a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer (to date, she is cancer FREE!). I hope this might help a little:

    Cancer is so limited...
    It cannot cripple love.
    It cannot shatter hope.
    It cannot corrode faith.
    It cannot eat away peace.
    It cannot destroy confidence.
    It cannot kill friendship.
    It cannot shut out memories.
    It cannot silence courage.
    It cannot reduce eternal life.
    It cannot quench the Spirit.

    Sending you all the best and tons of positive thoughts!


  5. (((hugs))) I'm sorry. It just sucks doesn't it? I had an angry night tonight ... sometimes (even though I'm not often angry) it does feel good to acknowledge it and just let it all out.

  6. Cancer does suck.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  7. You're right, cancer does suck, and it's completely unfair that you're missing out on some of everyday life's 'good stuff', but I'm happy you're able to receive treatment, and hope that this will be a short phase in an otherwise long collection of things you will get to see and do.

  8. PS...it's okay, even healthy, to acknowledge and let out your anger. Don't feel badly about that!

  9. I don't even know what to say except that I am praying that things get better.


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