Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Activities

I can't really say that winter in my favorite season, but I do love a good snow storm. This year, however, we really haven't had much snow to speak of. Although, I am still hopeful that the new snow clothes and sleds I bought will not go unused. Until then, we just have to have some patience. Here are a few activities that we have done in the past to pass the time until the "big one" hits!

Cotton Clay Snow Sculpture

Potato Print Snowman

Glistening Snow Play Dough
Paper Lantern Snowman

Igloos, Polar Bears, and "Ice Skating" Painting


  1. You can have some of our snow! We haven't had school all week....but I guess it hasn't been too bad. :)

  2. We are finally getting a significant amount right now but wished it happened earlier in the season. Oh well.

    Totally want to make the first project but got to get off my tukhus first.


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