Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Igloos, Polar Bears, and Ice Skating Painting

Today we are having our second snow day in a row. Actually, with Martin Luther King Day on Monday, we haven't had school since last Friday! It's been nice lounging around in our jammies and watching movies all day, but the little kids are really starting to get bored. So, today we decided to embrace the ice around us and do some more winter crafts.

 Our first project of the day was igloos! Theses were super simple, but my girls love anything involving glue so they had fun making them. Just draw the basic igloo shape and they can glue on squares of white paper.
Next we made some hand print polar bears.
And last, we had some good old messy fun. We "ice skated" with our fingers! Just a little white paint on some foil and lots of fun!
The girls were a little bummed because it has been too icy to go outside to play, but these activities kept them busy for awhile. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to our normal schedule!


  1. The handprint polar bear is precious!

  2. Those are all good ideas! I'm stealing them for our household! haha! Enjoy your snow days!

  3. Love the polar bears! We will have to try to "ice skate" here too!!

  4. I love these crafts...that polar bear is so sweet!


  5. Hiya! Gosh, this post is from quite a while ago, but I just came across it and wanted to feature it on my site. Just wanted to let you know and to say Thank You for what you do. Your blog is awesome! :) - Mike

    1. Thank you, Mike! I enjoy it just as much as the kiddos! :)


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