Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ahhh Woobie

This is Stella and her woobie. They are always together. When she's tired, she rubs Woobie on her cheek and like magic, she falls asleep. Actually, all of my kids had a woobie, blankey, or lovey of some kind. Do your kids have something special to soothe them, besides Mom of course?


  1. first off stella is a doll!

    My oldest son (3 in april) has a snuggle blanket "Mr Snuggles" but our youngest (16 months) just needs mom or dad...He still wont go to sleep on his own, although he is starting to get his thumb for comfort on occasion.

  2. Both of my kids are very attached to their blankies - they each have two of them!

  3. Lindsey did and she sometimes clings to her pooh blanket at night. Michaela never really did but Adela still does. We lost it actually and we have a replica but it is a different color and still tells me she misses her babydoll. My house is a Bermuda Triangle:/


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