Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Bugs

After a week of snowman crafts,  I think it's time for something with a little more color. So we are moving on to Valentine's Day crafts. Although, I might still sneak in a few more snowmen because they are just so dang cute. But for now, it's a Love Bug!

{You will need}
a toilet paper roll
construction paper
pipe cleaners
tape, crayons, and anything else you want to embellish your Love Bug with

1. Paint the toilet paper roll. Madelyn chose red, but pick whatever color you like!
2. Cut out 2 hearts for wings.
3. Decorate your wings.
4. Tape the wings to the back of the toilet paper roll and attach some curled pipe cleaners to the inside of the top part of the roll.

Just add a face and you have your very own love bug. (Wiggly eyes would really look cute, but that's another thing we are out of here. I really need to re-stock!)


  1. so cute! Definitely getting added to our to-do list!

  2. Very cute. And it's not too early for V-day - I just ordered my hubby's present! ;-)

  3. so cute! thanks for all the ideas! looks like we might be in for a snow day on Wednesday so I'm getting all the supplies ready for your last few projects-thanks!!

  4. I love the special edges the scissors make. We are working on snowmen at our house.


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