Monday, January 10, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday-Liners Only

It's been awhile, but today, we are having a Muffin Tin Meal! The theme for today is liners/cups only!

Here is Madelyn's lunch:

and here is Madelyn telling me to hurry up so she can eat (with a really tiny spoon)! ;0)
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  1. The tiny spooon looks like fun! Yum! Great meal!

  2. My kids do the same thing. "hurry up, mommy"

  3. My poor children just give me that look like... can ya stop taking pictures and let me eat this already! Oh the life of a blogger! Happy MTM!

  4. My daughter knows I need to take my pics before she ca eat, so the second I get my muffin pan or liners out, she starts asking if I'm all done taking pictures (so she can start eating!)

  5. Good lunch! I used to make those lunches for my son, but sadly, I haven't for a few years.

  6. Love those liners ... how very cute! And we sure have to learn to snap fast - those kids can't wait long. Isn't that nice having them so excited to eat a nutritious lunch?


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