Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

This is a fun and easy craft that involves no paint! All you need is a piece of construction paper, some tissue paper, and a spray bottle filled with plain water.
1. Tear some tissue paper into small pieces. Stella LOVES to tear paper!015
2. Cut an egg shape from a piece of construction paper and lightly spray it with water.017
3. Cover the egg with pieces of tissue paper.018
4.When it’s completely covered, lightly spray it again and press everything down.019
5. Allow the tissue paper to dry and then peel it off.020
Here’s the finished product:
We’ve also used the same technique to dye real eggs. You can check that out here.


  1. So pretty! I talked with Bella and we're going to be making some Easter decorations this weekend too! I found the CUTEST little basket tutorial and we'll make bunnies and eggs for the windows!

    You're such an awesome crafty Mom and I'm taking lessons from YOU!!!!

  2. LOVE THIS.... but not sure what I did wrong, didn't work for us :(

    1. I'm sorry it didn't work for you! I have learned that some tissue paper does not "bleed" as well as others. Maybe that's what went wrong?


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