Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wig-free Me


From the beginning of my treatment, Felicia had been the most upset about my hair loss.  She cried when Mike shaved my head and was always quick to remind me to put my wig on when I was leaving the house. It had come to the point where I was very rarely wearing anything on my head, but she still didn’t want me to pick her up at school without my wig. She was worried that someone would be mean to me.  Well, this past Friday I decided that I was just going to throw my hat on when I went to the school. I was worried that she would be upset, but to my surprise, she was FINE! Sunday morning we were about to leave for church and it was kind of chilly so I put my wig on. She looked at me and said, “Eww!” I guess that was the final farewell to the wig!


  1. I only did scarves when I lost my hair from chemo. My little girl was just a baby and didn't care at all but I still worried about her reaction to me (especially since I was inpatient for 3 weeks and didn't get to see her a single time.) My hair grew so fast that I looked like I had just cut it short in no time.

  2. I think you look beautiful. Wigs have their purpose, but I love the natural look too.. And you rock it!

  3. I think you look gorgeous - as always!!! Do whatever makes YOU feel good, and that will always be the right decision! Big hugs!!!

  4. You really do look beautiful! :)

    Just stumbled upon your blog...wonder what you would think of this post I wrote about terms associated with breast cancer awareness (ones I don't like).

  5. You look wonderful! I don't know how I have been so out of the loop and not aware of all you are going through. I'm sorry that you're fighting this battle but you look amazing and strong. I'm rooting for you and sending you much love, mama!

  6. Touching...I read you with ...I do not really know,how did I feel...I can not write it down...but your story reached my heart...
    I am VERY happy ,that I have found your blog,and I could have have a little view into your BRAVE you are...
    I made some footprints with my daughters today...I found your birdy pattern on a Danish blog and the link of your blog...we did not make a bird...we made a bee and a butterfly.The girls chose them.:)And I was searching for some other ideas for footprints and handprints ,as they enjoyed the activity very much.We laughed a lot...:)I will soon put it on my blog.:)
    And as I was searching I found this article of yours...and I believe in God...I know nothing happens accidentally,so I had to find YOU...
    I wish you all the best,painless week through your treatment...Many happy moment with your kids...courage.
    I am an Enlish teacher for young learners in our local school.We live in Vojvodina,Serbia.I am Hunarian,my husband is is not easy here...but I always say that health is the most important thing in life!

    Can I send you hugs?For you and your kid?If yes,I send you many warm hugs.:)
    I will add your blog into my bloglist.
    In any case ,my blog:

    All the best.


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