Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Print Wreath

Apple printing is a staple in our fall crafting. The kids look forward to doing it every year. So, even though we have already done a few apples crafts this year, there was no way we were going to skip this favorite. Instead of the apple print trees we made in the past, we made a wreath.

 Older kids could easily do apple prints without overlapping them, Stella could not, So I gave her some paper and she did her own freestyle apple prints. That worked out great as she is always happy to do her own thing!
While Stella happily got onto her work, I printed apples in red and green. After they were dry, I added stems and cut them out. Then it was Stella's turn once again. She glued the apples around the base of our wreath (a paper plate with the center cut out).
I added a bow and we have a finished wreath!


  1. How adorable! Pinned on our Fall Fun Board, and something we will definitely make here at the Clubhouse. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Super cute wreath! I'm doing a paper plate craft link-up that I'd love you to add this to:

  3. This craft is great! I love it! I will definitely try it!

  4. Love it Sandy! We've been wanting to apple print. The wreath idea is great.

  5. Hope you are feeling well by the way.. nice to hear from you on my blog today.


  6. A lovely apple activity. I have featured it on The Sunday Showcase:


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