Thursday, September 20, 2012

Caught Red-Handed

While I was busy making lunch today, Stella was in the living room being entertained by the babysitter, AKA Disney Junior (no judging, please). It got very quiet. If you're a parent, you know that quiet is not always a good thing. So, I went to investigate. Strewn about the living room floor was an entire bookshelf of books and Felicia's sticker collection. I looked at my girl, sitting like a perfect angel watching her shows and I began my interrogation.
"Stella, how did these books get on the floor and who got Felicia's stickers out? You know that Felicia  doesn't want her stickers out."
 My sweet and innocent girl looked up at me with those adorable brown eyes and said,
"Goofy did it!"

  I knew he was trouble all along. Just look at him sitting there, he still has some of the evidence in his lap. Caught red-handed!

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