Friday, January 10, 2014

This week..

Last Thursday, the kids finally got back to school following Christmas break. They were definitely in need of getting back into a normal routine. School vacations always end in constant bickering from all the "togetherness" and we needed a break from the break. It didn't last long. They were dismissed early and school was cancelled on Friday. 

So, we enjoyed a bit of a warm up over the weekend and  readied ourselves for the coming week after the "false start". Only to be hit with a blast of cold and a little snow that caused a cancellation and a few delays. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of January weather. I do love the snow, but the frigid temps are not cool (except...the kind of are). However, I'm thankful we have heat and warm clothes and cozy blankets. (I'm really trying to stay positive!) 

Although I was hoping to find our new "normal" this week, it hasn't really worked out that way. I suppose  having the big kids here a little more helped Stella a bit. She's been missing her buddies that I was providing childcare for. She still asks when they are coming again, but not as often as before. On a positive note, not having the other littles here has given her a chance to play without the stress of others snatching her toys. Watching her play with her babies like a little momma just makes my heart melt. She only asked for one thing for Christmas and that was a "baby that poops". Watching her change that first poopy diaper was priceless. She's a good momma! 
I guess we'll enjoy the weekend and try to find our new normal again next week!
 Happy Friday!


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