Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rambling (because that's all I've got)

The winter "blahs" have been bringing me down lately. I love a good snow storm, but frigid temps, foggy, rainy days...I could live without those. Yesterday, Stella kept looking out the window asking when the sun was going to wake up. Blah! I NEED sunshine!
The view from my front window. Blah!

Sometimes, I feel like I never leave the house. However, I did get out this weekend to visit my Grandma who was celebrating her 93rd birthday! It was a good day!

On Monday, Felicia woke up with a swollen ankle...again. This has become a pretty common thing since breaking her ankle two summers ago.  I decided to keep her home from school so she could keep it elevated  and hopefully avoid an further injury. Little did I know that she would get to see a drug bust that day! Seriously, a man was walking up my street with an actively cooking bottle of meth in his pocket! You have no idea how angry this makes me! We live in a very small town, on a street full of small children and this piece of scum was carrying an active meth lab through our neighborhood. Along the street where my children ride their bikes, color with sidewalk chalk, and do cheers with their friends. This is not okay! Thankfully it happened during the day when most kids were at school (except for Felicia).

I'm going to try to make this day a little better. Stella and I are going to do some crafts to brighten our mood and chase the "blahs" away. Happy Wednesday! 

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