Monday, October 20, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday- Halloween

Today we did our very first Muffin Tin Monday! Every Monday, sycamore stirrings hosts Muffin Tin Monday. To play along, you serve a meal in a muffin tin. Simple. Fun. This week's theme is Halloween/Autumn.
Top row: Vampire teeth (apple wedges filled with peanut butter with candy corn fangs)
Toasted pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin spice pudding
More vampire teeth
Row two: Cheese ghosts
Worms ( slivered hot dogs)
Candy corn and pumpkins
Bottom row: carrots
bloody dipping sauce(ketchup)
noodle brains (mac and cheese)
more carrots
The kids loved this and we will definitely do this again!


  1. Ghoulishly Delicious!! Love the vampire teeth.

  2. Great first tin! The hot dog worms are my favorite...eeeewwww! ;)

  3. uber creative!!! I love the slithered hot dog worms! well done!

  4. That looks delicious..! Have a great Halloween.

  5. That sounds like fun...and yummy, too! My daughter might actually EAT some of these things :)


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