Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toddler Theme Day-Orange

This week's Toddler Theme Challenge is orange. How perfect! When I look out my window orange is the color I see the most, from the leaves and the vast amounts of pumpkins that we grew this year!

Here are a few of our pumpkins and the beginning of our lesson in orange. The kids have been learning about pumpkins since they first saw the vines growing in our garden. They checked the progress daily and I will never forget the squeals of delight when Felicia discovered the change. She sprinted around the house screaming "they're orange, they're orange!". It was a very exciting day. Yesterday we reviewed how the pumpkins grew from seeds. How they needed water and sun light to grow big and beautiful. We planned to have a pumpkin hunt today (with the smaller pumpkins), but it's raining so we will have to postpone it for later in the week.

Our next orange activity was carrot printing. I cut a carrot in half and the girls made prints by dipping the ends in paint and stamping them on paper.
Our last activity was in the kitchen. My girls love to cook, so we made some pumpkin muffins. This is a great activity to do with your kids. My girls love the whole process of baking and seeing what comes out of all the measuring and mixing. It was a lot of fun and most importantly they were orange (and yummy).

You too can participate in the Toddler Theme Challenge by visiting Teaching Tiny Tots at Toddler School. The themes start on Sundays. Give it a try. We really enjoy it!


  1. great job! and how neat thta you grew your own pumpkins! we did that too this year but the mole ate them before they got big!

    i love pumpkin muffins!

  2. Wow! We have a summer garden every year, but we have never tried growing our own pumpkins. I am sure you kids had a blast watching them grow.

  3. They loved growing them! We will do this again every year now because they had so much fun!

  4. Wow, you grew your own pumpkins. Awesome, idea!!!

  5. Love it! You did a great job with your orange theme - thank you for posting about it. I'm definitely going to check out toddler school!

  6. congrats on being saucy!!! you make me wish I still had a toddler with all your projects and ideas! have a great week!


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