Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Torn Paper Candy Corn

These candy corn are very simple just like our torn paper Jack O' Lanterns. We can't have Halloween without candy corn!
First, have your child tear pieces of orange, white, and yellow paper. While they tear the paper, cut out the candy corn shape to glue the pieces on.

Next, divide the candy corn into sections and color the areas as a guide for your child to glue on. Then, allow your child to fill in those areas with the torn paper.
Now you have a very sweet candy corn without the sugar rush:)

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  1. Sandy, you are a soul sister...only a soul sister of mine would put choo choo soul AND laurie berkner on their playlist! I love it! I love your torn paper candy corn!!! so cute and so doable with kids! I may borrow it this week!


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