Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Months

Moving, moving, moving! That's what our Stella has been doing! Over the last month, she has become quite the explorer. She wants to go everywhere that she is not supposed to be. She has discovered that she can climb stairs, rather quickly I might add. She is getting closer to walking on her own and can cruise around furniture with ease. Gosh, it just does not seem possible that she is 10 months old and ready to walk! She is growing way. too. fast.


  1. she certainly is getting big fast! she is such a cutie...and looking more and more like her sisters (from my point of view over here, not knowing what they looked like as babies!)

  2. It's just not fair that time goes by so fast. She is so cute!!

  3. Boy! You guys have been celebrating all kinds of birthdays and milestones lately. Exciting stuff! Your little one is a doll. :)

  4. She has gotten so big!!!


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