Saturday, March 26, 2011

Balloon Print Caterpillar

{For this project you will need}
a balloon
green, yellow, and orange paint
a piece of paper

1. Pour some yellow and green paint on a plate. Blow up the balloon.

2. Have your child dip the balloon into the paint and press it on the paper.

3. Continue until the caterpillar is the length you want.

4. Dip the balloon into orange paint to make the head.

5. Add a face and antennae and cut out your caterpillar.


  1. This is so cute! The balloons made perfect sized prints for a fun caterpillar!

  2. Adorable! Definitely getting added to our to do list! This activity will go perfect with the butterfly Live Butterfly Garden I just ordered on sale with Amazon! Yippee!

  3. Neat-o! I like how the 2 colors mixed :)

  4. Love how they turned out! Care to join us with your toddler activity ideas in weekly link up? As a bear is our mascot, we named it High paw ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, this is great! We will definitely be trying this.

  6. This is super creative and SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking!

  7. I love this idea for using balloons! We had a little bit a balloon extravaganza last week - we painted ON the balloons though, not with them. Maybe we'll have to try something like this too, I bet the children loved it!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  8. That is just adorable! And what fun! I'd love to have you share them at my For the Kids Friday Link Party (still open). So cute!

  9. We are huge Eric Carle fans. I will be doing this with my boys this week! I do have the Very Hungry Caterpillar committed to memory...

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!

  10. What a darling idea!

    I'm sharing on FB today! ;)

    Thanks! Tammy

  11. Thanks for sharing this at Creative Juice! Hope to see you back at the party tonight!

  12. I just love this idea! I found you through Creativity My passion and am now following along too!


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