Monday, December 10, 2012

Stained Glass Ornaments {Day 9}

Making ornaments has always been a big deal for the kids. In the past, we baked salt dough ornaments and keepsake ornaments with their hand prints. Last year, after Christmas I found these Stained Glass Ornaments on clearance so I snatched them up and tucked them away for this year.
The girls have pulled them out several time throughout the year and asked to make them, but I kept telling them they had to wait! So finally the time had come to make them and they were excited...maybe too excited. They are not something that can be hurried. The beads are tiny and the spaces to fill are not very big either. It's delicate work!
Madelyn had just finished hers when Felicia bumped the tray and she had to start all over again. Felicia was upset and gave up.
But in the end, she was happy to see them finished. 

Even though the girls had a few moments of frustration while making them, they did turn out quite nice!


  1. Oh! I love those things!!!! When we go to Florida, I'm going to look for those and make them this year! Yours turned out so pretty!!!!

    You're such an awesome Mom. I know you know that, but still, you rock!!!!!!

  2. Oh PLEASE tell me where you found these! I made them as a kid and loved them and have looked all over to find them for my kids to make. They would love them. Thanks!

    1. I bought them on clearance at Kmart. They really are hard to find!

    2. Thank you so much. You've got a fun blog!


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