Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goals...and Working to Achieve Them

In the past I have made some New Year's Resolutions and failed miserably. This year, I decided to make some changes that will hopefully change my life for the better. I purposely did not start this at the beginning of the year, or month, or even week. In the past, if I got off track, I always waited for another beginning of the week or month to get back on track. Not anymore! Everyday is a good day to work on my goals even if a have a few stumbles along the way, tomorrow is a new day.

A few things I'm working on:
1. Saving money. Yesterday, I had a moment of panic about bills. I worried about whether or not I should leave my life as a stay at home mom behind and go back to work. I know I'm not alone in my worries as many families face this same issue. After weighing the pros and cons, I have decided that I am going to continue to remain home for my kids. I just need to be more diligent with our finances.

2. Clearing out the clutter and getting more organized. Lately I have been feeling like our house is shrinking. Time to fix that!

3. More quality family time! The girls have asked to have family game night and we have been doing that. It's been fun!

4. Living healthier! I've gained some weight and that is not okay! Some of it can be blamed on my cancer meds, but a lot of it has to do with my poor food choices and just plain laziness. I plan to make myself accountable for my choices by posting a goal for each week. I did this in the past and it actually worked, so I am hoping it works for me again!

My goal for the week: Drink more water!
Have you recently set any new goals for yourself? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Very worthwhile, and "doable" goals!!! I just ordered an infuser pitcher from Amazon. You don't need one, but we got a gift card and that's what I chose for myself. Fruit and herbs add subtle flavor, without adding calories! For some great ideas, check out:

  2. Sandy, I can relate for sure. I have similar goals for myself. I'm going to sit down with my sister who is amazing with finances and set up a budget. I started working in my bedroom (which looks like a messy storage room at the moment) to declutter. Also, have been thinking about how to spend more one on one with my children even if it's 15 min a day. We can do this! So glad I have an online buddy... we can encourage each other. Thanks for reminding me that if I fail one day, there is always another waiting for me to start again.

    1. You've been such a good friend to me! I am always here to support you! :)

  3. These are all of my goals too! We can do it! :-)

  4. Wow! You just said exactly what is on my mind. I am glad that I am not the only one that feels this way, I have been setting goals (not resolutions) as well. They echo yours pretty closely.

  5. I like your goals. Very realistic and achievable! I also set one to spend more quality time with my babies!


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