Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hooters Girl

Felicia was all giggly when she pulled this picture she drew out of her folder from school. It went along with a story about our summer trip to Ocean City and her brothers love of dining at Hooters. (She has actually NOT been to Hooters before!) As you can see, there is Brandon, calling over a Hooters girls, not a hooker as it appears in the caption. I'm not sure if the picture depicts her actual "hooters", I was afraid to ask! This should make for an interesting parent teacher conference next time around...awkward!

BTW: In case you were wondering, she got a good grade on the story!


  1. Isn't it great what kids come up with! When my brother was in Kindergarten, he told his teacher that when he grew up he was going to live in New York City and have sex everyday. LOL My mother was mortified. We still don't know where it came from.


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