Monday, January 16, 2017

Easy Two Ingredient Slime

Happy Monday! I cannot express enough how much we needed this extra day off. It turned out that Mike had the weekend off as well (which is very rare), so we just had a well earned "lazy" weekend. We spent the weekend mostly hanging out at home watching movies and football. It was perfect!

Today, the girls wanted to make one of their favorite things...slime! It's super easy! You only need 2-ingredients: liquid starch and glue. Of course, my girls like it to sparkle, so we use glitter glue.
Just mix equal parts glitter glue and liquid starch. At first it seems too runny and messy, but after a few minutes, something magical happens and it turns into slime. Honestly, I don't know how something so simple can keep these girls entertained for so long, but it works!
Stella's favorite thing to do is put a straw in the slime and blow bubbles.
So much fun!

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