Thursday, January 5, 2017

Life Lately

With the holidays over, the kids have gone back to school and the hubby is back to working 12 hour shifts. That combined with a cold I've been fighting since Christmas Eve, I've been feeling quite BLAH! I know I'm not alone here, the girls have been exhausted this week too. Afterschool naps have been a regular occurrence.
This week has also brought us some chilly weather. If only it would bring us some snow! I know not everyone feels the same as I do, but a good snow day would be awesome right about now.
Speaking of getting back to school, Stella has finally discovered she LOVES to read! The first part of this school year has been a struggle getting her to do her nightly reading. For Christmas, she received a bunch of new books and has been reading to me every night without complaints! I can see improvement already and I am thrilled that she has started to love books like her momma!

Honestly, this first week of the new year has been sort of uneventful. Hopefully we find our groove and get back to normal after the weekend. Getting back on track after a lazy Christmas break has been exhausting. Ha!

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