Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter Blahs

I can finally say that I think we are all recovering from all the crud that we've been passing back and forth this winter. The coughing is dwindling and so far, aside from Stella, the stomach bug has stayed away. But the rain and gloom have really been relentless. Gray skies are making for some very grouchy kiddos (and mom, too)! Yesterday, we had more rain in the forecast, as well as sleet and a little snow. Ugh, more time stuck inside! We decided to make cupcakes to brighten the mood a bit.
Who wouldn't be happy with a cupcake covered in M&M's? Another good mood boost came this morning when we actually had a little bit of snow and a two hour delay!
It wasn't the blizzard we've been hoping for, but it sure made everything look pretty. Finding ways to chase away the winter blahs has been quite a challenge. I think we need a mini vacation!


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