Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Dose Of Random!

Well, talk about crazy! The major renovation of our house has been very trying. The more we "uncover" the worse it gets. They say it always gets worse before it gets better, so I hope I am seeing the "better" end of that soon. This is a current picture of my laundry room:

Notice, the studs at the bottom have rotted away. Oh joy! The men are currently at Home Depot buying supplies so it's a bit quieter here now. I should be seeing some progress in the positive direction soon. (I hope)

Today was Felicia's preschool Easter Brunch. The food was delicious and it was fun hanging out with my former co-workers. Madelyn went along too and cried all the way home. She really would move in there if I let her.

Michael's baseball game from yesterday was cancelled again due to rain. I was really bummed. I live for that kind of stuff and every single day he has a game it rains:0(

Sunday afternoon the girls had cooking class again. They made candy for the Easter Egg hunt that our church is having on Saturday. What a blast! I think they may be master chocolatiers when they grow up;0)

How about this crazy weather? What the heck happened to Spring? It was flurrying here today! Geesh! Can somebody wake Mother Nature up?

I'm having a giveaway on Just For Fun! It's for Fishful Thinking, so go check it out please:0)

Well, I guess that's all I have for now. Hopefully I can have some pictures of "good" progress soon:0)


  1. Mother Nature has been a cruel, cruel woman over here too!

    Renovations are NO fun during but the results are always worth it! LOL

  2. i enjoyed spending time with you today too!!! and thanks for helping out:)

  3. Yes, my husband coaches a track team and their meet was cancelled today because of snow!

    Okay, so how are you doing laundry right now?

  4. Yikes. That is exactly why I hate renovations. Flurried here yesterday and is 65 today.

  5. Since your laundry room is out of commission does that give you a pass on getting the laundry done? Hmm, maybe I should start a new project.

    I live for the kids' games, too. Fun stuff.

    Winks & Smiles,

    1/2 of TheBlogRollers.com

  6. I don't even know what to think about the situation with your house. That would probably overwhelm me. I hope it starts looking up.

    I was just thinking about your girls' cooking class today. I think it is the neatest thing. The candy they made looks great. What a super fun idea!

  7. Lots of fun going on at the Adams' huh? =)

  8. The party looks great. I hope things are starting to come together for you soon. Off to Fishful Thinking!

  9. Renovations are overwhelming. I remember when we did our bathroom at our old house. It was crazy!!

    I used to make candy with my friend a few years ago during Christmas time. But since I moved away I haven't done it with her. Miss that.

    We got hit on Monday with 2-3 inches of snow! Today we had flurries all day! I remember a few years ago in April there was a week there we had hot and sticky weather with constant bad storms. The world is falling apart:)

  10. Hmmmm....those look like yummy treats! Wanna share?? ;)


  11. Goodness!! I hope that your remodeling goes quickly and smoothly from here on out!!!

  12. Yikes! We just rebuilt our house and it was an experience!


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