Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothing Says Back to School Like an Apple!

Back to school time is here! We thought an apple would be the perfect way to start off this wonderful time! So here we go! Let the fun begin!

1. Trace an apple and a worm shape on a piece of card board or construction paper. (I used an empty cereal box!) Then cut them out.

2. Tear up a piece of red construction paper into little pieces. (Madelyn really enjoyed ripping the paper!)

3. Paint or color the worm green.

4. Cover the apple with glue.

5. Glue the pieces of paper to the apple.

6. Don't forget to color the leaf!

7. Glue your silly little worm to the apple:0)

Madelyn is so proud of her apple! She can't wait for Felicia to come home from school so she can share it with her:0)


  1. Why, why, why can't I be that creative? The best I can do sometimes is pull out the paint and pat my son on the back. "There ya go buddy. Go wild and crazy!" So what this means is paint everywhere and a bath asap.

    I've got to visit your blog daily for inspiration!

  2. Glad your back! And what a cute craft!

  3. How fun, I love that your talented enough to freehand it. Me I'd have to photocopy and trace.

  4. oooh this looks like fun!! i wanna do this with my son

  5. Cute idea!! Adela and Michaela just love glueing!!

  6. This turned out really cute. A good one to remember! Thanks.


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