Friday, August 28, 2009

They Had a Great Day!

The first day of school for Felicia and Brandon went very well yesterday! Woohoo! I am so relieved! Madelyn also had a great day! She was a little upset in the morning without Felicia here at home, but that quickly passed when she and Aaron became my kitchen helpers for the day!

Here they are modeling their aprons! LOL! Don't you just love Aaron's witch hat? They made cupcakes for the back to schoolers!

Felicia was so tired when she got home that she ate her cupcake and fell asleep before dinner. Poor girl!

This morning, she was just as excited to go to school as she was yesterday! She even walked in by herself! She's 5 now you know! (That's what she keeps telling me. LOL!)I guess that means that I can relax a little!


  1. See??? I knew everything would go well! Love that picture of the two of them!

  2. Ah, you'll probably never really relax...but you can try super hard!! ;-) All good bakers need a great hat!

  3. She's feeling like big stuff now! That's great!

    I'm not sure if he was into this photo opp or not.

  4. Awe! Aaron was a great trooper! Glad Mady felt better. I have a feeling Adela might be alittle upset when school starts. Her and Michaela have been playing together alot this past summer. I guess I will not be the only one crying:)

  5. 5 is definitely grown up.

    Yesterday as I was carrying my 4 year old into daycare I asked him where my baby is.

    "In your heart," he replied.


  6. That picture just speaks volumes! Aaron looks thrilled (ha) while Madelyn is hamming it up big time... so cute!


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